• V. I. Kostikov
Part of the Soviet Advanced Composites Technology Series book series (SACTS, volume 5)


At the threshold of the twenty-first century humanity has entered a period of obvious scarcity of natural resources. One of the main limiting factors is the availability of energy-producing resources since most such resources are not renewable and mining them is becoming more complicated and more expensive. Another reason for the scarcity of resources is that the richest and most accessible raw material deposits are gradually being exhausted. Leading scientists believe that for the past 20 years the world production of iron has multiplied approximately by 2.7, copper by 2.3, aluminium by 4.7, nickel by 4.0, zinc by 2.0 and titanium by 17, and the volume of metals production and consumption will grow still further. It is necessary to take measures either for the possible equivalent replacement of deficient materials or for the promotion of new production technologies based on the use of more efficient materials. This new technology should provide low-waste and wasteless technological processes for manufacturing, enable an increase in the structure’s service life, reduce material consumption, minimize corrosion losses and introduce recycling. These requirements are met by the new structural composite materials (CM).


Carbon Fibre Boron Carbide Aramid Fibre Silicon Carbide Fibre Aromatic Polyester 
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