Coastal Submergence of the Netherlands, NW Brittany (France), Delmarva Peninsula (VA, USA), and Connecticut (USA) During the Last 5500 to 7500 Sidereal Years

  • O. Van De Plassche
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 334)


Reliable and accurate relative sea-level (RSL) data for the past 20.000 years provide an important constraint in the iteration of models of deglaciation and earth-rheology. This paper 1) discusses three examples in which new field data from areas studied previously have led to a change of the local RSL curve(s), 2) presents a new, if preliminary, RSL curve for the Marais de Dol, NW Brittany, France, and 3) draws attention to the correspondence in time (around 5000 cal B.P.) of a decrease in the average rate of RSL rise as suggested by data from both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean.


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