Alkyds in the construction industry

  • M. H. Irfan


More than 95% of the alkyds are used for coating applications. Owing to their good wetting and dispersing properties, alkyds are ideal vehicles for pigmented coatings. For years they have been used as protective as well as decorative coatings. They are a most versatile material for wood and metals, especially iron and steel. The most common application of alkyd coatings is for wooden and steel doors, windows, grills, etc. The properties that make alkyd coating so popular are (Biegen and Fuller, 1967; Holmberg, 1987; Oldring, 1987):
  • low cost;

  • excellent durability;

  • excellent gloss and gloss retention;

  • flexibility;

  • toughness;

  • weathering resistance;

  • solvent resistance;

  • resistance to saltbrine and mineral oils;

  • suitable for exterior and interior areas.


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