Algebraic Interpolation

  • I. P. Mysovskih


Many numerical methods are based on the idea of replacing the functions which appear in the formulation of the problem by simpler functions which are close to the given ones in some sense. For example, to solve the equation φ(x) = 0 by Newton’s method, in the neighborhood of the initial approximation xo to the solution, the function φ(x) is replaced by the linear function
$${{\phi }_{0}}\left( x \right)\equiv \phi \left( {{x}_{0}} \right)+{\phi }'\left( {{x}_{0}} \right)\left( x-{{x}_{0}} \right).$$
The solution of the equation φ0(x) = 0 is taken as the next approximation to the solution of the equation φ(x) =0.


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