Time-Delayed Control for a Class of EL Systems with Only Position Feedback

  • Spandan RoyEmail author
  • Indra Narayan Kar
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 257)


The conventional Time-delayed estimation (TDE) based controllers necessitate state-derivative feedback in the form of velocity and acceleration for Euler-Lagrange (EL) systems. However, when explicitly unavailable, numerical differentiation method employed to compute these terms often invites considerable measurement error and degrades controller performance. This chapter offers a method to remove the explicit requirement of the velocity and acceleration feedback in a TDE-based controller for EL systems. Primarily, two concepts are introduced in this chapter: (i) The Position-only TDC (POTDC) is developed which only requires position feedback and estimates the velocity and acceleration terms from the past position information. (ii) An adaptive-robust framework, Adaptive-Robust POTDC (ARPOTDC), is built based on POTDC to tackle the estimation error arising from POTDC which can also alleviate the over- and under-estimation problems of switching gain. The closed-loop stability analysis of POTDC and ARPOTDC provides a selection criterion for sampling interval and the controller gains. The proposed methods are experimentally validated using ‘PIONEER-3’ wheeled mobile robot.


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