An Evolutionary Genetic World View

  • Motoo Kimura
Part of the Evolutionary Studies book series (EVOLUS)


It is often said that each of us is a unique, irreplaceable being, and the biological basis for this claim can, first of all, be sought in the vast genetic variability present in human populations. With the exception of identical twins, it is unthinkable that a person who is totally identical genetically will reappear in human history. If we treat the entire collection of genes possessed by all mankind or by each ethnic group abstractly and call it the “gene pool”, each individual is as it were a random sample drawn by chance from this vast gene pool, and with regard to genetic composition it may be said that we are all born “unequal”.

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  • Motoo Kimura
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  1. 1.(1924-1994) National Institute of GeneticsMishimaJapan

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