Fog Seal and Mastic Seal

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Fog seal is a pavement preventive maintenance technology that uses a special fogging material to spray on the asphalt pavement surface in a mist shape, closing part of the micro-cracks and pores on the asphalt pavement to prevent water from aging, and to improve the appearance of the pavement. With the development of mist seal technology, reducing agent seals (regenerant seals), sand fog seal, mastic seal, etc. have appeared one after another. Fog seal technology is developing from the original single water sealing function to the multifunctional direction of restoring asphalt performance and improving the anti-sliding performance of the pavement. This chapter mainly introduces the materials, construction equipment, construction steps, conditions of use and quality inspection and acceptance of the fog seal (including sand fog seal) and slurry seal.


Fog seal Sand fog seal Mastic seal Construction procedure Quality inspection and acceptance 

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