In-Place Hot Recycling for Asphalt Pavement

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  • Jinyan Feng
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In-place hot recycling for asphalt pavement refers to the use of special in situ thermal regeneration equipment to heat and loosen the asphalt pavement in situ, and mix a certain amount of new asphalt, new aggregate, new asphalt mixture or regeneration agent on-site. State mixing, paving, rolling and other processes can realize the technology of regenerating old asphalt pavement in the range of 20–30 mm at one time, which is suitable for the preventive maintenance of highway asphalt pavement and the treatment of the original pavement in front of the overlay. This chapter mainly introduces materials for the in-place hot recycling for asphalt pavement, construction process, and precautions, suitable conditions, quality inspection and acceptance, etc.


In-place hot recycling Disease treatment of the original pavement Material Construction process and precautions Suitable conditions Quality inspection and acceptance 

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