Percutaneous Image Guided Management of the Cysts and Cyst-Like Lesions of Liver

  • Ashish VermaEmail author
  • Ishan Kumar


The term Interventional Radiology was coined by Margulis, describing the percutaneous removal of residual gall stones [1, 2]. Hacncke first describes tissue sampling under A-mode ultrasound guidance for pancreatic lesion biopsy [3]. Haaga and Alfridi first used CT scan guidance for pancreatic biopsy and liver abscess drainage [4]. Ultrasound guided interventional procedures began in the early 1970s with Holm et al. and Goldberg et al. who developed special transducers (“bioptic probes”) with central holes in it for needle insertion [5, 6]. Real-time guidance by ultrasound began in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with several publications from Japanese investigators using real-time sonographic guidance for needle puncture [7]. Soon ultrasound guidance for abdominal fluid collections became increasingly popular and thereafter became part of routine management strategy [8].


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