Who Made Up the “Lies”—An Analysis on Japanese Annual of the Japan Association for Nanjing Studies

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


“Japan Association for Nanjing Studies” (Nihon Nankin gakkai) is an “academic group” aimed to deny the Nanjing Massacre and published its first annual in September 2002, which claimed the Nanjing Massacre “the biggest hit of the Chinese government’s anti-Japanese policy after the war” and a blatant lie that could not be justified through “academic examination”. Most of the doubts raised in the Annual are old arguments with indeed “new” argumentation and statement of the conclusion. Formal innovations generally cannot change the nature of the problem. Japan Association for Nanjing Studies’ bringing up the old rehashed claims is far from a success of denying the Nanjing Massacre as expected, but some of the rehashed claims do be deceptively persuasive. However, through “academic examination”, we can see the so-called “academic examination” in the Annual cannot be defensible at all and that the prediction is their wishful thinking.

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