An Introduction to Japan’s Existing Historical Material on the Nanjing Massacre

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


There is a long-lasting argument in Japan that the Tokyo Trial was “a trial in favor of winners” and that the behaviors of Japanese army have been vilified. Among the false accusations against Japanese army, the “Nanjing Massacre” is the greatest lie. This argument still affects unknowing third parties overseas, especially Japanese civilians because Japanese documents have been systemically burned after the war and Japan does not recognize the objectivity of Chinese and Western documents written at that time. Through examining and teasing out relevant Japanese documents that have remained, especially those official and private documents that Japanese right-wing groups have to recognize, this chapter basically points out the misleading arguments of Japanese fabrication school and argues the atrocities committed by the Japanese army in Nanjing, with the Massacre on the top of list, can be confirmed merely based on Japanese documents. Besides, the twists and turns of the historical developments, which are different from that of “concept”, are introduced.

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