Does Iwane Matsui Have Any Grievance to Tell?—An Analysis of OKADA Takashi’s Arguments

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OKADA Takashi joined the army because of his father’s intimate relationship with Iwane Matsui. During the Tokyo Trial, OKADA Takashi appeared in court to defend for Iwane Matsui and tried his best to excuse him by saying “sincere” words. Iwane Matsui was sentenced to be hanged, and the Japanese fictionalists complained and outsiders sympathized, which mostly originated from Okada’s testimony. However, in the author’s opinion, Okada’s remarks only refer to Iwane Matsui personally, not to the Nanjing atrocities. Politicians’ private morality is not of great importance when evaluating them. Iwane Matsui’s attitude of “liking” China has nothing to do with his responsibility for Japanese atrocities, and they should not be confused, let alone clear his guilt.

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