A Study of the Bearing and Discipline of the Japanese Army Invading China—Taking the 10th Army as an Example

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


For a long time, as a further example of denying the atrocities of Japanese invaders, there are many Japanese praising the bearing and discipline of the Japanese army. Since a large scale of Japanese documents were burned after the war, and some Japanese always refuse to recognize the objectivity of Chinese and Western documents written at the time of the incident, this established case in not-so-distant history has become a chaotic pile of doubts in Japan. However, even if merely based on the only existing journals of the Judicial Affairs Department of the 10th Army and Japanese Central China Area Army (of which the latter also mainly focuses on the 10th Army) as well as the limited documents published in recent years such as the diaries of the Chief of Judicial Affairs Department of the 10th Army, Japanese troops are found to frequently commit rapes, murders, arsons and robberies everywhere they went and the argument that Japanese army had a god bearing and discipline cannot be justified by Japanese military documents that have remained.

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