How Magee’s Explanation Became Contradictory

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The atrocities of the Japanese army in the safety zone were mainly recorded on the documents sent to the Japanese side by the International Committee, and thus these things were known to people around the world by these documents What War Means: the Japanese Terror in China and Documents of the Nanking Safety Zone. The number of the victims in the “Case 219” and “Magee’s another explanation of case 219” is a little different. The Thorough Examination of “Nanjing Massacre” wanted to use this example to overthrow the two books at one time. The author makes an explanation about the two figures by the Magee’s “explanation” cited by The Diaries of John Rabe to prove that Magee’s explanation is not false but an illusion created by The Thorough Examination of “Nanjing Massacre”.

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