Had the Population of the Safety Zone “Increased”?

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The issue of population is one entangled by the fictionalists. The fictionalists think that only by proving that the number of people in the safety zone is limited, that is “if there were only 200,000 people, it can’t be that 300,000 people were killed”, their goal of denying the massacre can be achieved. The Thorough Examination of “Nanjing Massacre” finds various reasons to prove that the safety zone could only accommodate a small number of people. However, according to the population density of Nanjing before the Holocaust, the correlation between the population of the safety zone and the number of massacres, and the records of the population of the safety zone at that time in the documents, The Thorough Examination of “Nanjing Massacre” attempted to negate the slaughter on the basis that the population in Nanjing didn’t decrease and even increased, which was totally untenable.

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