The Japanese Army’s Sex Atrocities Cannot Be Denied Even If Victims Have Never Accused

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


In recent years, the “fictionalists” not only have denied the fact of the Japanese army’s rape but has also distorted the development of “a young woman went there out of her own will” as “a young woman went there happily”. Moreover, The Study of Nanjing Atrocities believes that rape is a part of the “anti-Japanese disruption” conducted by Chinese senior military officials lurking in the safety zone. Fictionalists ignore the feelings of the victims and challenge them in the most sensitive places, which has a lot to do with the Chinese people’s concept of paying attention to chastity and the Japanese military discipline that rape is a special shameful thing. For these two reasons, there are few traces of rape recorded by Japanese officers and soldiers in wartime, and the victims rarely come out with their real names after the war. It is necessary to give an answer to the general readers in Japan.

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