Is the Nanjing Massacre a Fabrication Made by Tokyo Trial?

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Japan’s right-wing groups always think the Tokyo Trial was a “winners’ trial” and that the behaviors of Japanese army in World War II were greatly vilified since the “winners” would do everything, even fabricating rumors, to prove the Japanese army’s “guilt”. Among all the false accusations against the Japanese army, the “Nanjing Massacre” is the biggest fabrication. In their opinion, the “Nanjing Massacre” was not known to the world until the Tokyo Trial—the reason why they were “unknown” is “non-existence” and thus the “Nanjing Massacre” was the fabrication of the Tokyo Trial. This argument has existed for a long time and began to be particularly emphasized in the 1980s. And through comparing all kinds of documents, it can be found this argument cannot hold at all, even though merely based on the records in Japanese documents and Western documents that Japanese right-wing groups do not completely deny.

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