Re-discussion on “The 100-Man Killing Contest”

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The “100-man killing contest” refers to the murder race between on the way of Japanese army to attack Nanjing and the participants thereof were sentenced to death by Nanjing Military Court for the Trial of War Criminals. Since some Japanese have always refused to accept the judgment, Honda Katsuichi was attacked by the “fabrication school” immediately he mentioned this matter in Travels in China, which also triggered the wave of denying the Nanjing Massacre since the 1970s. And Japanese “great massacre school” now also thinks the murder race was a fabrication of wartime media. In this chapter, it is argued that the so-called “evidence” presented by the “fabrication school” are far more enough to deny the existence of the murder race and thus we do not need and cannot make any concession on this issue concerning the sacrifice of tears and blood of our ancestors.

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