Re-examination of Ogawa Sekijiro’s Testimony—Examination II of the Testimonies of the Defendants on Nanjing Atrocities in Tokyo Trial

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


When the case of Nanjing Atrocities was heard at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (The Tokyo Trial), due to the limitation of evidence, the evidence presented by the prosecution was not specially examined, thus affecting the judgment and the Japanese people’s understanding of the Tokyo Trial. Considering his special status as the Chief of the Judicial Affairs Department who specially charged for the punishment of crimes and his testimonies were not completely untruthful as he did not completely deny the Japanese atrocities, the testimonies of Ogawa Sekijiro seemed to be comparatively objective so that the prosecution and the judges did not raise any doubts. But through comparing Ogawa’s personal records with Japanese military records written at the time of the incident, like the Journal of the Judicial Affairs Department of the 10th Army, the Journal of the Council of Military Tribunal of Japanese Central Chinese Area Army and the Diary of Ogawa Sekijiro, it is argued that the testimonies of Ogawa Sekijiro at the Tokyo Trial were false statements.

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