Ogawa Sekijiro and Diary of a Military Legal Affairs Officer

  • Zhaoqi ChengEmail author


Some Japanese completely deny the atrocities of Japanese invaders committed in China, be they the witnesses for defense at the Tokyo Trial or Japanese fabrication school nowadays. Such argument totally goes against the truth but since Japanese documents have been systemically burned after the war and thus there is no powerful, internal rebuttal, it still affect unknowing third parties overseas, especially Japanese civilians. Considering Ogawa Sekijiro’s status as the Chief of the Judicial Affairs Department of the 10th Army, which was one of the major forces attacking Nanjing, the publication of his diary has provided us with the most reliable first-handed information for learning about the true performance of Japanese army in many aspects, refuting the false arguments of the fabrication school and even proving that Ogawa committed perjury when he took the stand at the Tokyo Trial.

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