Face Value: Ambivalent Citizenship in Iola Leroy

  • Michael Borgstrom
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From the moment of its initial publication in 1892, Frances E. W. Harper’s Iola. leroy, or Shadows Uplifted has experienced a decidedly ambiguous critical reception. In William Still’s introduction to the second edition of the novel, for example, the famed abolitionist records his doubts over Harper’s decision to write “‘a story’ on some features of the Anglo-African race, growing out of what was once popularly known as the ‘peculiar institution.’” Still worries that in focusing on mixed-race characters, “one of the race, so long distinguished in the cause of freedom” risks “[making] a blunder which might detract from her own good name.” While he ultimately praises Harper’s achievement, Still tells us that “it was far from being easy for [him] to think that she was as fortunate as she might have been in selecting a subject which would afford her the best opportunity for bringing out a work of merit and lasting worth to the race.”1


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