Delivery: Output and Presentation

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We have reached the final phase of the design process. In this chapter we will consider how designers communicate their designs and solutions, and what strategy innovators can learn from them. Of course, designers use a great range of techniques to present their output. They use sketches, drawings, charts, plans, pictures, models, videos, scenarios, prototypes, storyboards, collages, specifications, variation orders and instructions, and other forms of output all delivered in a range of ways (e.g., formal meetings, informal meetings, inspections, design reviews, presentations, written reports and more; cf. Brown, 2007; Emmitt, 2002; Zachman, 1999). Regardless of the form, the defining characteristic of design output is that it is visual, and designers are focused on making their output real and tangible for people so it is better understood, more memorable and persuasive.


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