The Genesis of Women Disempowerment

The Case of Kilimanjaro
  • Elinami Veraeli Swai


This chapter examines the everyday life of women in Yuuri within the context of struggles displayed by women, from the farm to the house. I use the life stories of Doris Ngabanu to illustrate the daily struggles of women in this part of the world, especially how they negotiate and dialogue with everyday obstacles. I seek here to relate notions of empowered woman with personal needs and interests, as well as societal circumscription and boundaries and how women in rural Tanzania have been able to overcome them. This chapter entails a concern for the production of dislocated subjectivity, including the means by which it is created, maintained, and reproduced. While in the previous chapter I analyzed women’s account of their womanliness, this chapter analyzes its process and impact on society. I reconstruct this in real life, using Doris for illustration. Through Doris, we get a sense of womanliness as situated social act and performance, as well as agency, rather than imposed hegemonic culture.


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