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I have cast a broad net in this book. The purpose was to bring to view the stories and experiences of women in Tanzania and expose the social and cultural processes and practices that have shaped their experiences. This study, while the focus was on the everyday lives of women and the meaning they make out of it, has been a voyage of discovery for me. As I observed women and listened to their stories and dreams, I could not help but see myself in these stories and see their dreams in mine, so this is also my story. The challenges and strategies that women use to negotiate their lives bear witness to persistent evisceration of their knowledge and agency. The representation of women in rural Tanzania that I have made here supports the conviction that knowledge is plural and, at the same time, political and that it always opens up possibilities while also closing doors for others. Women, in the face of closed doors, bear the burden of making knowledge plurality possible. In this book, I have proposed a legitimation and support of women’s knowledge systems, their needs, interests, and also their everyday activities. In my opinion, this is the only real contribution that an Africa scholar can contribute to the continent and in the world.


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