Building the Winning Coalition in Time

  • Baodong Liu


The 2008 Democratic primary election was one of the most competitive nomination contests in the nation’s history. In fifty states, a total of 36,618,960 votes were cast. Hillary Clinton received 17,555,267 votes (47.94 percent), and Barack Obama 17,351,643 votes (47.38 percent). Thus, in terms of the share of total votes cast, clinton had a slight edge over obama. However, because Michigan and Florida decided to move their voting schedule before what was allowed by the national party, the election outcomes of these two states were declared invalid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Thus, if the final counting of the votes excludes Michigan, where Obama was not even on the ballot, and Florida, where no campaign was conducted by Obama or Clinton, Obama received 16,775,429 votes (48.95 percent) and Clinton 16,355,922 votes (47.73 percent). Obama had a slight edge in this way of counting.


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