Everyday Ethics and Disciplinary Practice

  • Brian Silverstein


I start with this vignette because, among both Muslims and non-Muslims, in the past and present, mention of Sufism often has brought to mind wonders or charismatic acts (keramet) worked by sheikhs or saintly, pious figures.2This was definitely not a major concern for the Naqshbandis I worked with, and indeed, though I myself never brought the topic up, they seemed to be keen to discourage me and other disciples within earshot from attaching any interest to such things.3 Yet there would be moments when they were playfully suggested, like in the instance with the date, and these little “inside jokes” contributed to the ethos of companionship and lightheartedness I noted among many of these Sufis, which is characteristic of a certain kind of attitude and style of life I shall attempt to describe in this chapter.


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