Introduction: Education and the Rediscovery of Social Cohesion

  • Andy Green
  • John Preston
  • Jan Germen Janmaat


How to promote and maintain social cohesion in the face of rapid globalization has become one of the key policy challenges of the new millennium (EC 2001; OECD 1997; UNESCO 1996). It is also, not coincidentally, a re-emergent theme in social theory. The renewed debate about how societies cooperate and what holds them together is, in part, a reaction to immediate and topical concerns. Politicians worry about social order and security in response to the current global threats from the internationalization of crime, civil conflict and terrorism. They also respond to the often deep anxieties amongst electorates about the more everyday issues to do with local crime, anti-social behaviour, racial intolerance, and community breakdown. For many, in the post-9/11 world, there is a mounting and pervasive sense that things are falling apart-that the centre cannot hold.


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  • Andy Green
  • John Preston
  • Jan Germen Janmaat

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