Ethno-Linguistic Diversity, Civic Attitudes and Citizenship Education

  • Andy Green
  • John Preston
  • Jan Germen Janmaat


This chapter focuses on the cognitive and affective aspects of social cohesion; that is on the opinions, attitudes and identities of people regarding the society they live in. It seeks to explore whether these attitudes are linked to the degree of ethno-cultural diversity of a country, and how they relate to various elements of citizenship education.


Social Cohesion Political Participation National Identity Interpersonal Trust Citizenship Education 
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  1. 2.
    This analysis is substantially drawn from the PhD thesis by Susan Wiborg: S. Wiborg (2004) Uddannelse og social samhorighed: Udviklingen af enhedsskoler i Skandinavien, Tyskland og England. En komparativ analyse. PhD dissertation, Copenhagen, DPU/Forlag.Google Scholar

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  • Andy Green
  • John Preston
  • Jan Germen Janmaat

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