New Evidence on Allyn Young’s Style and Influence as a Teacher

  • Roger J. Sandilands
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There has been in recent years a revival of interest in Allyn Abbott Young (1876–1929). Charles Blitch (1983) wrote on the ‘curious case of professional neglect’ of Young and a comprehensive biography followed (Blitch, 1995). This documented his wide-ranging contributions to methodology, statistics, the index number problem, value theory, public utility regulation, the trade cycle, monetary policy, and monopolistic competition. Blitch also examined Young’s role as a teacher, notably his PhD supervision of Frank Knight on risk and profit and Edward Chamberlin on monopolistic competition. Laidler (1993, 1998) and Mehrling (1997) have recently highlighted Young’s influence on American monetary economics; and Kaldor (1972, 1985), Thirlwall (2002), Romer (1989), and Currie (1981, 1997) have explored the implications for growth theory of Young’s famous paper on ‘Increasing Returns and Economic Progress’ (Young, 1928b). See also Chandra and Sandilands (2005).


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