Condemned Woman

  • Frances Gray


I went to the “Waldorf” to tea — & while waiting in the vestibule by myself a gentleman came up to me — raised his hat and said “Good afternoon, are you Romance?” I thought he was mad & turned away & sat on a couch — he followed & continuing the conversation said “Im sorry if youre not, but I have an appointment here with a lady with whom Ive corresponded thro a “Personal Column”, she calls herself “Romance” & she was to wear a black frock & a black lace hat. I was wearing the blk frock with the roses on it & the lace hat you like. Then he moved away & later I saw him at a table with a girl in a blk frock with steel beads & a black lace hat, so I supposed he was speaking the truth, altho at the time I doubted it. (Letter to Bywaters, 15 August 1922)


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