Russia’s National Interests in the Caspian Region

  • Michael Margelov
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The main interest of the Russian Federation is to build an open and democratic state that is fully integrated into the world community. However, the essential focus is on Russia’s internal revitalization and the resolution of its internal problems. These priorities were defined by President Vladimir Putin in January 2001 before the Collegium of the Foreign Ministry. In his speech, Putin stated that: “The recently adopted Foreign Policy Concept clearly outlines our national interests in the international arena. These are closely geared with the country’s objectives in such principal areas as defense, national security, the social sphere and economy.”1 This new foreign policy will be multidirectional. In the President’s view, “it would be a mistake to start weighing Russia’s priorities in Europe against those in Asia. Russia should have neither a western nor eastern bias. In reality, the national interests of a state whose geopolitical situation is similar to Russia’s extend everywhere.” The key focus of Russian diplomatic energies will be on the creation of a favorable international environment for Russia’s internal reform. In Putin’s words: “We must see it as our top priority the creation of a stable and secure international environment around Russia that would let the country concentrate its best efforts and maximum resources on meeting the social and economic challenges.”


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