Credit for Confession — Gendered Addressivity in the Contemporary Male-Authored Novel

  • Alice Ferrebe


The year 1956 is routinely characterised by historical commentators as something of a seismic year for Britain with regard to its international and imperial reputation. In The People’s Peace, Kenneth O. Morgan characterises it to be the year that saw:

Almost the last British independent military venture in the twentieth century, and amongst the most humiliating. It tore apart the Anglo-American relationship and damaged the unity of the Commonwealth. It made Britain a pariah at the United Nations and brought its economic stability into grave question.

[…] Worst of all, the British stood branded as offenders against international law, if not plain liars. (153–4)

The various vainglorious and increasingly isolating decisions of the British government played out after the announcement on 19 July by both Britain and the United States that they were unable to participate in financing the construction of the Aswan High Dam due to enduring Egyptian connections with the Soviet Union. A week later, President Nasser seized the Suez Canal under a nationalisation decree, intending to use revenues from the waterway to fund the project. The invasion and bombardment of Egypt by British and French troops, wreathed in anachronistic rhetoric by Prime Minister Eden (he likened Nasser to Hitler), culminated in a ceasefire demanded by the US and the United Nations at the beginning of November.


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