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The first manifestation of Radstock’s need to control Clare is well known and took the form of censorship. In his letter to Taylor of 16 May 1820, Clare described the pressure that had been brought to bear on him from Radstock via letters from Sherwill and Mrs Emmerson:

Being very much botherd lately I must trouble you to leave out the 8 lines in ‘helpstone’ beginning ‘Accursed wealth’ & two under ‘When ease & plenty’—& one in ‘Dawnings of Genius’ ‘That necessary tool’ leave it out & put ***** to fill up the blank this will let them see I do it as negligent as possible d—n that canting way of being forcd to please I say — I cant abide it & one day or other I will show my Independance more stron[g]ly then ever you know who’s the promoter of the scheme I dare say—I have told you to order & therefore the fault rests not with me while you are left to act as you please.1


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