The Making of a Utopian Correspondent

  • Máire Fedelma Cross


The political circumstances of Flora Tristan’s era together with her use of the letter form as a writer and as an activist ensured a successful launch of Union ouvrière both as a political programme and as a publication. It is therefore essential to present the tensions of the historical context of 1840s France to understand the origin of Flora Tristan’s politics. The historical background to Flora Tristan’s politics is vast, particularly as we wish to contextualize the epistolary study outside the bio-graphical sphere. It can be classified in the following categories: the state of French society and mainstream politics, by far the most general backdrop; the history of ideas since 1789 (socialism and feminism), an equally colossal setting; class formation and class-consciousness referring to the identity of the French working class in historical studies; the state of protest politics and the growth of literacy, both part of more recent developments in historical and cultural studies.


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