Postscript: “You Look Like Jesus Christ”: Images of Republican POWs in Contemporary Cinema

  • Lachlan Whalen
Part of the New Directions in Irish and Irish American Literature book series (NDIIAL)


Midway through the film Some Mother’s Son, Gerard—a newly incarcerated Irish Republican Army prisoner—is shocked at Bobby Sands’ appearance. It is 1980—the height of the Blanket and No-Wash Protests for political status in the H Blocks. Though his reputation precedes him as officer commanding (OC) of the Republican prisoners in the H Blocks, Sands’s scraggly beard and long hair make him unrecognizable to Gerard. “Do I look that bad?” Sands asks his new cellmate with a chuckle. “You look like Jesus Christ!” replies Gerard, only half-joking, his smile dissolving into a look of startled concern.1


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Chapter Six Postscript: “You Look Like Jesus Christ”: Images of Republican POWs in Contemporary Cinema

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