Revolution or Something to Raise Our Morale: Intervention in Yemen

  • Laura M. James


It was the greatest crisis never known. In March 1962, the Egyptian regime was secretly thrown into confusion when Nasser at last decided that enough was enough: a new Presidential Council should approve high-level army promotions.431 ‘We are not military officers now,’ the President told Amer, ‘we are politicians’.432 This was an odd conclusion to draw from the fact that only six months previously the Marshal’s heavy-handed administration had provoked a highly embarrassing coup d’état in Damascus. On 28 September 1961, Syria had seceded from the UAR, which now existed in name alone.433 The secession was a great blow to Nasser’s prestige, at a time when the Egyptian economy was also struggling. The friendship between Nasser and Amer suffered, and the President appears to have decided that the time had come to coax the Marshal into a position where he could do less damage.


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