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You Are Welcome, We Are Ready For War: 1967

  • Laura M. James


The aftershocks of the ‘Six Day War’ of June 1967 reverberate into the present day. Known optimistically in the Arab world as ‘al-naksa’ (‘the setback’), it created new de facto borders that define the politics of the modern Middle East. It is credited with responsibility for developments ranging from the demise of Arab nationalism to the rise of militant Islam. Egyptians had still believed that Israel was ‘the real enemy’, even as they sent their army to the Arabian Peninsula.791 Now, their instinct seemed justified. In Yemen, according to conservative estimates, Egypt lost 10,000 men in five years. In June 1967, she lost the same number in as many days, and forfeited the Sinai Peninsula besides — not to mention more intangible assets, such as regional and global credibility.792


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