Concepts, Speaking and Persons

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LATO: In the last fifteen years of his life, Wittgenstein counted among his closest and most trusted philosophical colleagues, Rush Rhees. From the mid-1940s, Wittgenstein spent much time in Rhees’ company at Swansea in Wales, where Rhees lectured at the University. Wittgenstein later appointed Rhees to be one of his literary executors, who then devoted much of the rest of his life to the task of editing and publishing Wittgenstein’s posthumous works. No one was better placed to interpret Wittgenstein to the world and to make the constructive criticisms of his philosophy that would establish a fruitful tradition in the development of Wittgensteinian thinking. My own encounters with Rhees—almost as much as my encounters with Wittgenstein—have been essential to my understanding of Wittgenstein’s philosophy.


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