FTA Project Case Studies

  • Christopher M. Dent


This chapter presents eight case study analyses on some of most important free trade agreement (FTA) projects to have emerged within the Asia-Pacific in recent years. They have been selected as a representative sample of FTAs that have thus far emerged across the region as a whole. The FTA projects chosen are as follows:
  • Australia-US FTA (AUSFTA)


  • China’s Closer Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPAs) with Hong Kong and Macao (HKCCEPA, MCCEPA)

  • Thailand-Australia FTA (TAFTA)

  • Japan-Mexico FTA (JMFTA)

  • South Korea-Chile FTA (KCFTA)

  • US-Singapore FTA (USSFTA)

  • Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEPA)

These individual FTA case study analyses offer their own special perspectives on the political economic interactions between different sets of Asia-Pacific countries, and thereby insights into the heterogeneous nature of FTAs in the region.


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