Introduction: Music Industry and the Music Industries

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While working on this book during a train journey, I became conscious of the iPod or some such MP3 player of someone sitting behind me. He was listening to heavy metal. I could tell it was heavy metal by the relentless shuddering kick drum, the pounding two-note bass line and the screaming guitars. Every aspect of listening to someone else’s music choices intrigued me. It intrigued me because I was the last link in a very long chain whose individual links would all be difficult to specify, but which all existed or had existed in the moments leading to my fellow passenger’s sounds arresting my attention. Why that kick drum sound? Why that bass line? Why those players together in that band? Why choose to immerse himself in listening to them? How had he encountered them? Who created the conditions for that encounter? Who paid who to have the record made and promoted? Why did they choose this band to invest in and not some other when there are so many others? How had the investment been organised? Were the investors happy with the end product? Were the musicians happy?


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