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We are entering a territory in which terminological uncertainty is a strong feature but this confusion is not accidental, it derives from the conflicting conceptions of ‘music’ and ‘industry’ embedded, generally, in cultural and social usage. Consider these comments which appeared on a BBC website for its children’s service:

Most manufactured bands are highly successful, but I think truly talented people should come forward and make their mark without people interfering!! They should find their talent within their heart, not within the ‘manufacturing’ studio.

Ella, 14, London

I think most of the top 40 is rubbish but some songs are brilliant because the artists wrote them themselves and really thought about the lyrics!

Eva, 11, Derry

The top 40 nowadays is full of groups which are owned. This annoys me as we never get to see people who have formed a band themselves, and produce their own music. The companies which own the groups make the band go on different TV programmes and magazines, and the single turns out to be awful. The question is when are non-owned bands going to enter the charts?

Paul, 15, Cheadle.

(…/2248416.stm 10 Sep 2002 – accessed 3 October 2011)


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