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In the course of this book it has become clear that translation plays a central role in everyday life across the planet. The fate of millions is determined by decisions taken in international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the European Union as well as by multinational companies with headquarters located in linguistic and cultural spaces far from the sites of production and/or consumption. Aid operations in the developing world and rescue missions after natural or man-made disasters rely on translation to successfully complete their work. The foreign news we read in our newspapers or view on our screens has undergone a process of translation before we can receive it in our own language. Much of the food, drink and medicine we consume is accompanied by packaging which contains some form of translation. The leisure industry — from tourism and travel to videogames and DVDs — depends to a significant extent on translation. This is why translation matters — and why the way we conceptualize translation has such wide implications for so many aspects of local, national and international policy-making and practice.


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