European Hospitals, Medicine, Nursing and Management

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The purpose of this chapter is to present the theoretical framework underlying the accounts presented in the following chapters. The chapter is in three parts, beginning with an examination of the European Welfare State regimes (Esping-Andersen 1990). The middle section moves the focus from the regimes to the professions, with an analysis of medicine and nursing. This involves an assessment of Weberian and Marxian approaches to the sociology of the professions. In the final part the focus shifts from health professions to health care organisations, with a discussion on European public sector management reforms which will draw on the ‘new institutionalism’ approach (Powell and DiMaggio 1991) with some emphasis on the notion of social embeddedness (Granovetter 1992; Moran 1999:10–12). The three parts will be integrated through a Foucauldian-tinted lens and reference to actor network theory.


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