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Bíbhatsu – A person who does not indulge in the heinous act.

Dharma Law, a righteous behavior.

Guḍākeśa – A person with curly hairs.

Savyasācin – A person who is capable of using both the hands.


Arjuna is one of the heroes of the Indian epic Mahābhārata. Born from the mythical father god Indra to Kuntī, he is the third Pāṇḍavā out of five. Reputed to be one of the finest archers, Arjuna performs the superb acts of bravery and also charms few women. He stands out as personification of Kṣhatriya bravery and chivalry. But as goes with most of the finest characters of the epics, he is also not without blemish.

Arjuna, the Prince Charming

Arjuna is depicted as very handsome with dusky complexion and Guḍākeśa. His different names like Bíbhatsu and Savyasācinare indicative of his noble and superhuman qualities. He is also mentioned as a person with patience, a quality highly praised in the epic (4,703). By his dedication, he became the favorite pupil of Guru Droṇa, who...

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